Unrivalled Know How

Zodiac follows a program of continuous improvement of the reliability and performance of the materials and techniques used in the construction of its boats. The know-how acquired during the past 75 years, both in various manufacturing techniques as well as a unique competence of customer requirements analysis has led to continual innovation and development

Strongan™ Duotex™

Perfectly airtight and remarkably durable, this fabric has undergone intrinsic tests down to molecular level to ensure the perfection of its components. Result, a new formula for its coating around a support cloth which set new limits for resistance against cuts (more than 50%), abrasion (up to 50%) and climatic aggressions.

5 year manufacturer’s warranty

Zodiac has been building boats for over 50 years, offering its customers a long term service, in terms of network, warranty and spare parts. By choosing Zodiac, you will be covered by a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty* on the fabric of your boat, a warranty that is valid in almost 80 countries around the world.

Thermobonding: a Zodiac exclusive

Imported from aeronautical techniques, our industrial, robotised thermobonding process guarantees a constant level of quality as well as precision and maximum durability.

Constant draconian tests

The consistency of the raw materials, the air tightness and the tear resistance of the welds are checked by a full range of tests carried out on our boats, all exceeding the levels that you are likely to expose them to.  For the ultimate assurance of reliability, every range is constantly tested in real world situations, in all weather conditions and with all types of loads.