Zodiac Cadet 270 aero

TheCadet 270 aero  from Zodiac

A lightweight tender which is easy to deploy and equipped with the patented hull.

Compact, boasting unequalled load-capacity, tough yet elegant, the CADET Aero  range represents the very best of tenders. provides improved performance without the need for a more powerful motor. .

The CADET aero comes as standard with a removable quick-mounting thwart, “safe-clic” oarlocks, an internally-operated bailer plus optional flaps that improve handling by enabling the boat to plane quickly but without rearing. Thanks to ZODIAC™ technology’s H2P concept, the boat is quick to assemble and can be easily stowed in a bag. This feature also provides the hull with increased rigidity that significantly improves performance. The banana-shaped buoyancy tube gives it an elegant and streamlined look.

Patented strongan material .

thermobonding seems .

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